Dear David

"It has been your expertise on all levels over the years that has held our company together and made it continue to grow in the right direction. It has been your ability to deal with staff and others and your dedication to always getting the job done and level headed support that got us through some difficult times. You should feel proud of your leadership ........" M & D
New Plymouth

Good Morning David

Well done you!! Someone obviously saw some sense, any way that’s fantastic to have the agreement signed and now we can get on with what we are here to do. Thank you so much for all your level headedness in dealing with Mr ... Regards
North Waikato

Hi David

B and I would like to thank you for your help in the conciliation on Thursday. We have never had to do that before and it was quite a daunting process for us. We appreciated your patience, advice and getting a result. We can now move on without the stress and worry and put that chapter behind us. Thank you once again. Regards

Hi David

We can’t thank you enough for the help you have given us. We came back up North quite confident and much more relaxed about the situation. Kind Regards

Thank you, David. We really appreciated the skill and understanding you brought to the table and the outcome achieved. Regards

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I would use David-He’s nice to talk to and very helpful.

Hi David

I just wanted to thank you sincerely for your recent farm mediation. Whilst I did not get to witness the final throes of your deliberation I was most impressed with the straight forward and logical manner in which you cut through the multiple points at issue. I knew after our first meeting that you were the man we needed and so it turned out.

Such mediation was sorely needed and I am thankful you appeared on the scene. It was an awful situation and one that was bound to get worse had it carried on any further.

So David, thank you so much for your expert assistance. You did the job required in a very professional way. We are all very grateful for your inputs and relieved at the better than expected outcome. Kind Regards
Palmerston North

Hi David

I’d just like to say a huge thank you from the depths of my soul for all the help you have been to myself, my family & my parents over all these years. Your advice, professionalism & steadiness in our dire times have helped us hold it together when otherwise we would almost certainly completely fallen apart with un-reversible consequences. The positive impact on all our lives and the lives of my children can't be measured.

Thank you seems not enough, but I wanted to share how much I have appreciated what you have done. Brian